Monday, September 28, 2009

Let the Taper Begin - 20 days to go!!!

I hadn't realized it had been so long since my last post. I may be the only one looking at this thing, but it's been a fun journey. My longest run was this last weekend. My average pace for the 24 miles was about 8:30. My mantra for the run was SLOW DOWN, SLLOOOOWWW DOOOWWWWN. I kept looking down at my GPS at I was going faster than marathon pace.

I met up with some friends after mile 17, so there was a little break there while we waited for them all to show up. I had a great run with them and hope to do a 5K with them at BSC on 10/31.

On this journey I wish I had done a little better with the speed work. I think getting the coach 1/2 way through for a few weeks really messed that up. It's a shame he never contacted me again. I am feeling pretty confident at this point though. Making the 7:37 pace for 26.2 miles WILL be tough, there is no doubt about that. I was having doubts about this, but at this point I feel that I CAN DO IT!

The concept of the taper will be interesting. I'll run my plan by my DailyMiler friends to see what they think and what input I get back on my 'plan'. I think I've done pretty good at this point following my own training plan and being my own coach. We'll see October 18th!