Friday, April 30, 2010

This is it!

I tapered big time this week! NO running.... I was on the verge of catching a cold, and I fought it off! I know physically, I'm not as fit as I was in October for my last marathon, but health wise I'm doing substantially better! I do plan on running a short one this afternoon.

The weather will be perfect for this race! I've been going back and forth, fun run, push it, fun run, push it. I'm going to push the pace a little faster in the first 1/2 than I had originally planned, and see where it goes from there. I think, even with my extremely shortened training schedule, that I can still get under 4 hours. I can't imagine, if I end up with a bad day, that I'll be any longer than 4.5 hours. That's the plan any way.

For all my DailyMile and Colonial Road Runner friends running as well... HAVE A GREAT RACE! I hope to see you before or after the race.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Less than 3 weeks to Providence Marathon

I'm going to miss the Boston Marathon this year. My plan is to come back with a vengeance in October during the Bay State Marathon to Qualify. We'll see how that works out for me. I of course will be working that day since I'm not running it. I've slotted the time off for next year already.

The Providence Marathon (or Cox Marathon) is less than 3 weeks away, and I'm VERY excited about it! I'm meeting up with some of my Colonial Road Runner and Daily Mile friends that morning. My plan is to HOLD back the first 1/2 of the marathon. ...then tear it up the second 1/2. We'll see how my 'tear' goes considering I've only been training for 5 weeks on this one. I have done two 20 mile runs with ease, so I'm not too concerned about the extra 6.2 miles on marathon day. I AM concerned that I may go out two quickly and not enjoy the run as much as I am hoping too. Once again, this is only a 'pleasure' run, and just going through the motions and give myself some much needed 'drive' so I am ready for my Fall marathon at Bay State.

Good luck to all my friends running the Boston Marathon this year! I hope you all have a great run, and great weather! I'll be thinking of you while I'm drinking my coffee in the office, wishing I was running beside you (or a ways behind some of you speedsters)! Enjoy your taper!

Good luck to all my friends finishing up their training before Providence! Just a few short week... Taper begins shortly, so don't over due it!

I am running a 5K in Quincy Saturday, but not looking for any real speed here... Just part of my miles for the day. I plan on running 10 miles prior to the race, and then burn whatever is left in the tank.