Friday, April 30, 2010

This is it!

I tapered big time this week! NO running.... I was on the verge of catching a cold, and I fought it off! I know physically, I'm not as fit as I was in October for my last marathon, but health wise I'm doing substantially better! I do plan on running a short one this afternoon.

The weather will be perfect for this race! I've been going back and forth, fun run, push it, fun run, push it. I'm going to push the pace a little faster in the first 1/2 than I had originally planned, and see where it goes from there. I think, even with my extremely shortened training schedule, that I can still get under 4 hours. I can't imagine, if I end up with a bad day, that I'll be any longer than 4.5 hours. That's the plan any way.

For all my DailyMile and Colonial Road Runner friends running as well... HAVE A GREAT RACE! I hope to see you before or after the race.


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  2. Way to go! Just stumbled upon your blog. Great blog! I am training for my first full marathon this fall. I am really apprehensive, but excited, just broke the 30 km barrier! Here is my blog! Happy Running