Monday, October 11, 2010

Providence Marathon - 4:33 May 3rd, 2010

Well, marathon number 2 completed. This was about what I was expecting. I ended up walking for a bit after mile 20. Ran part of the way with some friends doing the marathon and some doing the 1/2. What a beautiful day! After mile 13 I decided to push myself harder than I knew I was ready for Fitness wise. I was feeling Great! After Mile 20, I started to come unglued. I was short of breath and had a hard time keeping it going. I walked all the uphills at that point. I had some great conversations with some people while we were recovering on those walks! I figure with a 6 week 1/2 hearted training schedule I can't complain!

Special thanks to Kristen, Bobby, Pat and Shannon for the company at the beginning. Sorry I missed you guys before and after the race. Nice job to each of you! Shannon, thanks for the T-shirt too!

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