Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baystate Marathon 2010, Reflection

First 5 miles, PERFECT! Weather was also PERFECT for a marathon - around 50 and virtually no wind.. First 13 miles right around a 7:50 minute pace. ...but I just couldn't pick up the pace! I needed a 7:39 pace for 26.2 miles... It was REALLY WEIRD! I've been working on my speed work over the past month and NEVER had a problem picking up the speed. I had to slow myself down most of the time. Sunday, it just wasn't happening. It was just one of those OFF days that you sometimes get. Sunday happened to be mine. I'm actually not at all upset with it. When you are going 26.2 miles you need to be ON if you are pushing the limits, and I wasn't. Well.. there will be more marathons to come. Next year is all about 'fun' runs and Grand Prix races with my running group. The CRR group is awesome and had a great visit with some of them today.

Official time - 3:59:36.9 Funny story on that. My ankle was hurting and I was cramping some at mile 24, so I shut it down a bit, no reason to push it at this point... I REALLY didn't care what I finished in at this point, not upset, just knew I wasn't going to BQ. I don't wearglasses or contacts when I run, but I saw the woman ahead of me sprinting like crazy! So I squinted, saw the time in the 3:50's, so I gave it all I had and JUST made it under 4 hours. The race had started late, so I was looking at my watch at the time and just assumed I had missed that mark. Oops!

I'm putting in for a waiver with my running group to get into the Boston Marathon for 2011. I don't think I'll get the waiver this year, but you won't get it if you don't put in for it.

The Boston Marathon registration closed up in 8 hours this year! Note to self, make sure you register in the first hour when you qualify!

Thanks for everyone's support and well wishes going into this race. I really do appreciate it!! My beautiful wife and daughters babied me when I got home... I've got an awesome family!

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