Monday, October 11, 2010

October 2010 - Taper to Baystate

I will have less than 50 miles before Baystate. I think my body needed the extra rest. I have an old ankle injury that was really flaring up the last couple of weeks in September, so I took out a few runs to give it some extra healing time. I think it may have been my worn out shoes, so I've changed then out with a pair of ASICS Gel Fortitude 3's and did a marathon pace run in them. It felt great, and virtually no pain, just a little stiffness.

I'm not finding it difficult to taper for this marathon. I'm either ready or I'm not. I feel more ready for this marathon than I did for either of my first two. Mentally I'm ready and focused. I know I can push my body through it. Looking back at my training I can point out all the places that I COULD have done better. My focus is on what I did right. I think September was an Excellent training month, and I know I can do this. Now it's execution time.

My goals: Qualify for Boston (3:20), Just under 8:00 pace the first 5 miles, keep at a 7:30 pace through each of the next 15 miles, AND see what I'm made of the last 10K.

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