Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Canton Fall Classic, October 31st, 2010

Fun Run
Lily and I ran the Fun Run together. Still trying to get Official times from them. She did really well. It was 11 something. Callie didn't race because she was to sick, coughing like an old smoker if she ran across the room. Lily and I had a great time doing the race. Rebekah was also sick, but was a trooper and came along anyways. Lily's friend Evan ran as a bandit. They got there late, unfortunately. He was not happy that he didn't get a T-shirt and medal.

I forgot all my electronic gadgets! ...so I had no idea my pace or distance while I was running. I was fighting a cold, so I was not feeling my best. I just enjoyed the run and didn't push the pace. This race was a Personal Record (PR) at 46:25.

A Long Way in 18 months
This is actually only my second 10K ever! My first one was my very first race, ever in Cohasset on April 5th, 2009. I ran that race in 51:09. I almost puked at the end of the race, was cramping and needed about 30 minutes just to recovery enough to run home! The 10K I just ran was relatively easy in comparison, even with a cold. I actually debated running when I got home I was feeling so good. This was also only my second run since October 17 where I ran my 3rd marathon in one year.

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