Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 3 - It's ON!

I was beginning to think the 'coaches' for the Bay State Marathon were not going to contact me, but they finally did! Nate Jenkins sent me my first 3 weeks of training. He thinks my goal for the marathon is a little ambitious, so we will evaluate in the next couple of weeks based on how I do with the training plan he sent. MUCH more difficult than the plan I had laid out for myself from the one book I read. Today's run was tough. 7 X 1 mile runs at a 7:05 pace and 2:30 rest in between. I did great the first 2 miles, and then just couldn't get my legs to go any faster. I progressively got slower, but still was faster than 8:00 miles. I ended up doing 9 miles overall.

My goal for Saturday is 13 miles at 8:10 pace. I haven't run 13 miles since June of last year. My best 10K wasn't even than fast. Although my fitness has improved quite a bit, and I am faster now, this will be quite the challenge! Wish me luck!

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